Sugar specialities

Suiker kent voor ons geen geheimen. Met ruim 25 jaar ervaring in het ontwikkelen van halffabrikaten op basis van natuurlijke geselecteerde suikers behoren we tot de top in de markt: van vloeibare stropen, allerlei suikerpasta’s tot droge specialiteiten. Ons uitgebreid assortiment wordt verdeeld naar de ambachtelijke en industriële voedingsindustrie in meer dan 40 landen. Kwaliteit is onze specialiteit en dat valt duidelijk in de smaak.


About Belgosuc

we sweeten the food industry with our outstanding quality

Belgosuc aims for excellence. Indeed top quality – not just in our products but also in our production processes and in our company – is our goal. Ever finer, more meticulous and more efficient... That is why we constantly invest in innovation, in extensive quality control and in developing original products.


Revolutionary through innovation

The continual growth of our business owes nothing to chance. As well as taking constant care over the quality of products, innovation, sustainability and flexibility are the main ingredients of our success. In our laboratories we continue to develop new products that respect nature and meet our clients' needs.

Our infrastructure and production lines are high-tech. This not only enables us to meet tight lead times, but also to make first-rate products at competitive prices which appeal to clients.

Inside Belgosuc

Respect for people and the environment

Those who work with a natural product also have to be kind to nature itself. That is why we strive to organise our production in the most sustainable way possible, with the utmost respect for the environment. And that begins with the careful selection and quality control of raw ingredients.

The production process as such is subject to the strictest health and safety standards (meeting the Food Safety System Certification FSSC 22000 criteria). But for us, sustainability is about much more than that. We are forward thinking in terms of transport, energy reduction, recycling and waste management. Finally, we build long-term relationships with our clients. We aim to be a reliable partner in all the market sectors in which we operate.

We have close ties with our customers

Our products are highly sought after by a varied portfolio of clients. This is no coincidence. We are committed to building personal relationships with all our customers, whatever their line of business, and we regularly ask them about their needs so we can continue to serve them in the best way possible. It is only like this that we are able to come up with products that meet our clients' needs perfectly and that we are able to contribute to the manufacture of a high-quality end product whether for humans or animals. Being in close contact with the client is perhaps the most important ingredient in a successful and lasting relationship.

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